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Bulk SMS is about sending text message to a large number of mobile users.It is a widely used marketing concept.This kind of marketing is done for the purpose of promotions, transactions and sending out information.
Bulk SMS service in Jaipur is commonly used by businessman, agencies and mobile companies. Whether people want to promote their products / services or send local events information, bulk SMS bulk SMS service is used all over the Jaipur city. One of the main advantage of Bulk SMS over WhatsApp messaging is that sending SMS in bulk does not require the use of internet on phone. In this way, messages are delivered to even those who do not have any internet or WhatsApp access.Therefore, it reaches huge audience as compared with other means of messaging.

We, RS Solution are proud to present ourselves as top bulk SMS provider in Jaipur.
  • Our user friendly software ensures easy messaging in just a few simple steps.
  • The API is developed to send lakhs of messages in one go.
  • Not only in India, we offer international messaging service too.
  • The SMS supports Unicode characters so it can be sent in any regional language.
  • Unless the number is DND or switched off, delivery to the destination number is our guarantee.
  • You can simplify message sending by using our Add-ons like excel plugin which enables you to upload excel file containing mobile number.The system will then automatically copy your list to your SMS sending campaign. With the click of a button, your SMS is then reached to the list.
  • The delivery time depends on the SMS route (priority and normal routes). The fastest route delivers instantly while the slowest takes a few seconds to a few minutes in delivering your message. It makes Bulk SMS as the fastest way of delivering information.
  • Your SMS and list data is 100% secure. The service is for both individuals and businesses.
  • Our system also supports automation which enables you to send any message at a scheduled time. According to your time settings, the system automatically sends SMS at a later time, without even requiring you to open your SMS portal.
  • The length of 1 SMS is 160 characters. Once credited with SMS balance, users can use their own setup database online. The link and login credentials will be provided by us.
  • It can be used using all devices like Desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and internet based cellphones.
  • One time purchase quantity ranges from 5000 to 500000 SMS. Validity can range from 1 month to 1 year, depending on your plan.
  • You can directly pay online with PayUMoney, Debit / Credit card and via internet banking options. Usually the general pricing varies according to the type of Bulk SMS service you choose.

It is categorized into transactional and promotional. Transactional SMS are used by authorities suchas Banks and Airlines. These are also delivered on DND numbers. For any promotional purpose for a normal businessman, promotional type SMS plan is given.
Try our bulk SMS service in Jaipur and we promise, you will be more than satisfied with the results!

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About RS Solution

RS Solution is a Jaipur based company providing online marketing solutions since 2015. We believe in customer satisfaction and therefore we offer quality services at affordable prices.

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